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Tales to Tell
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I'm Through With You
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It's So Hard to Get Up in the Morning
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I'm a Black Widow
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Don't Leave Me Here
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Do Metamorphosize
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The Proverb Song
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There's a tale that's glad, there's a tale that's sad,
there's a tale of a hero's threat.
Of a shipwrecked coast and a churchyard ghost,
that makes you hold your breath.
There's a tale of the Moon and the Dish and the Spoon,
Three bears and Little Boy Blue.
You'll love them well, the tales I tell,
cause we know they all are true.
There's a tale of luck, of a woeful duck,
that turned into a splendid swan.
There's an escapade of a maidens braids,
that her prince climbed up upon.
There's a tale of fright in the dead of night
of a horseman with no head.
Of a dragon fierce, that no sword could pierce,
that would fill your heart with dread.

There's a tale to tell of a fairy's well where wishes glide like fish.
You sit on the brink and you think and you think, and you wish your dearest wish.
There's a tale of a golden apple tree in the tide of an opal light, which only the shy green mermaids see in May on a moonlit night.
Now the tale I tell weaves a favorite spell of a fairy dear and bright...
...of her journey home, all the way alone, will become one of yours tonight. [top]

Serrana, Serrana, I know that you don't care, but you're my responsibility and I think it isn't fair.
When I do my job and say 'to come' your response is 'later, I'm having fun.'
And when I try to teach, you always say I preach, so I'm through with you.
Your job, Stefan. Your job? How dare anyone call me a job!
You are lucky to grace your day with me; you're a pompous twit and a snob.
When I say 'I need a nap today...' your response is 'later—how dare you play!'
When I try to laugh, you're always in my way so I'm through with you.
I know that you want me to be something that I'm not—-trying to make this so much more is harder than I thought.
So say, 'go away.' You say, 'go away.' You first! You first! You first!
Okay, so I'll try not to be a pushy man. And I'll try not to always mess up your careful plans.
So we'll try. Yes we'll try. So I'll see you at the meeting?
It's kinda soon to change direction. You're impossible. You're predictable.
So I guess I'm through with you.

It's so hard to get up in the morning. It's so quiet, it's dark out and I've got no need.
It's so hard to get up in the morning. One more stretch and a yawn and then maybe I'll see.
Yes, Oh, yes, Oh, I've been warned, that to oversleep, could do me harm.
But I don't see the point, because if it were true, I would do as I should and then it wouldn't be so hard to get up in the morning.
Do you see any light, hey what time could it be?
Oh, it's so hard to get up in the morning. Just a few more minutes would, oh, so, please me.
I don't think I'll get up yet. I don't need to get up. (yawing) It's so hard, hard, hard. Is it morning?

It had dragonfly wings and that's all I saw, it was struggling but then again don't they all?
I'd been waitin' for my dinner since half past eight, now it was on my plate. Ah...
I didn't look closely cause I never do; I knew the more it struggled It'd be stuck like glue.
When my web it starts-a-shakin', that's my dinner bell. That's where I excel.
But then I never have my friends for very long. Everybody knows that that bite is strong!
I'd like to have some family for the company. But I'm a black widow and a widow I will always be.
Well, you can understand I didn't hesitate. I quickly wrapped it up and let it suffocate.
When I knew that it was ready, it was far too late, I had set my fate.
My hourglass marking says my bite is strong. Even her husbands don't hang out long!
I'd like to have some family for the company, but I'm a black widow and a widow I will always be.
And, I'm a black widow and a widow I will always be! And that's the truth!

I've always been in to sleeping late a trait that I'm afraid that sealed my fate.
How could they do it? How could I be so dumb?
There's an aching in my heart that's about to break apart.
Don't leave me here I wanna go home. Don't leave me here to face this alone.
Who will mend my gossamer wing with beads of light in pale moon green?
Oh don't leave me here, I want to go home. I hope you can hear, I wanna go home. I wanna go home.

Do make the change that's what I suggest. I know in your heart there beats a mighty quest.
I'm agreeing with your friends who want the very best for you,
so let me paint the picture clearly so you'll know just what to do.
Oh, everything you think you are you won't be anymore. All the things you find so simple now will all become a chore.
No more closeness to the ground, no more loving friends around—nothing is the same that you've adored.
Your eyes they won't be here, but they'll be all the way out there.
I don't know if you're attached, but say good-bye to all your hair.
You will mutate and transfigure—you can kiss your tush adieu.
Why I tell you all of this is cause I know what you should do.
Make the change, do met-a-mor-pho-size.
Oh you'll have to find a nice big branch and spin yourself away. Make sure it's not exposed, you'll be a delicacy to prey.
It's very dark and very dismal and if you care, I hear passť.
And even though the transformation's Fab! You'll live for just one day.
Okay, for that day (hey) you'll be radiant and free but you can never turn back and don't come looking for me.
So make the change:
go on and metamorpha.,
arise and metamorpha.,
evolve and metamorpha.,
unfold and metamorpha.,
mature and metamorpha.,
progress and metamorpha.,
change, occur, come-on, commit.
Do Meta-mor-phosize!

Oh, fair flower, let go your frown. With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
Excuse me?
Patience. In time, the grass becomes milk.
But I can't wait that long!
This is true, and still, frog take time to pull back before he jumps. You'll see... Just a little bit of patience goes a long way.

Words & Music by Gail Edwards © 1992
Music performed/arranged/engineered by Robert Decker

Artwork: Fairy in Black © Lana